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Nanotechnologies applied to blue osmotic energy: a new path to clean, abundant electricity from earth’s estuaries and deltas

/ Blue osmotic energy

When fresh water meets saltwater, energy naturally liberates. This natural phenomenon is known as blue osmotic energy.

Blue osmotic energy is a fully renewable, zero-emission, permanent and predictable energy source. It can be harvested in all deltas and estuaries of world. It is abundant and massive, yet untapped on earth.

Sweetch Energy applies latest nanotechnology breakthroughs to generate clean, abundant electricity from blue osmotic energy. We are supported in our mission by leading investors, academics and public communities sharing our vision and our commitment to combating climate change.

Sweetch Energy will become a significant contributor to energy transition towards a carbon free planet.


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/ Technology

Decades of public and private research have demonstrated the theoretical feasibility of harvesting blue osmotic energy into electric power. Yet, existing technologies in the field have so far not reached economic viability, due to low power efficiency and high material costs of traditional membranes. The emergence of nanotechnologies changes the game.

Sweetch Energy develops next generation membranes with unparallel power breaking up the glass ceiling in performance. Door is now open to industrial deployment at competitive cost for production of renewable electricity with low environmental footprint.

Beyond blue osmotic energy, Sweetch Energy’s technology and proprietary ionic selective membranes can apply to many other industrial fields.

Academic Partners

/ Company

Sweetch Energy was created in 2015 in Rennes (Brittany, France) to leverage most recent academic discoveries in nanotechnologies and materials in the blue osmotic energy field and combined them with the efficiency of the private sector. Collaborating closely with academics – including Paris-based Pierre Gilles de Gene Institute microfluidics center – and industrial partners, and supported by leading deep tech and energy tech investors sharing our visions, we are building a multidisciplinary, results-driven team to deliver the potential of blue osmotic energy to power the world and combat climate change.

Public Partners

/ Careers

Our result-driven team has a practical approach to blue osmotic energy with the objective to rapidly deploy our solutions at large scale. This requires permanent teamwork, agility and pragmatism to iterate designs and creatively find solutions to upscale our technology. On that perspective, we are continuously looking at filling several key positions including research engineers and process engineers (osmotic cell stack design, MEA, electro-chemistry, modeling, etc.). Because we believe that diversity is a key asset, we aim at building a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team in line with our global expansion.

If you are looking to join an ambitious and creative team, have an entrepreneurial mindset and are willing to play a fundamental role in the development of Sweetch Energy, we would be delighted to hear from you to discuss our vision.

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